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Welcome To Paddock Matipoo family Maltipoo Puppies For Sale near me

A Maltipoo puppie is one of the most fascinating dog breeds and many people would love to have one. We are here to provide you with the answer to  Maltipoo puppies for sale near me .

Let’s know about Maltipoo in detail first. Maltipoo is a hybrid cross of Maltese and Poodle. The idea behind coming up with this hybrid is to come up with a small breed dog for allergy sufferers because he has hair not fur but has many other qualities like they are intelligent and energetic. They learn quickly so it is a right choice to get one for home. You can also browse the detailed information about Maltipoo by visiting our About Maltipoo page.

Isn’t it great if you find Maltipoo puppies for adoption That’s why we are here to provide you the Best Maltipoo breeder puppies for sale. Our motive is to provide you, best breed jovial and cute Maltipoo puppies for sale.

Why Choose Paddock Maltipoo Family for toy maltipoo puppies?

We have a wide range of teacup maltipoo puppies for sale in usa at an affordable price. You can visit our kennel or checkout the available teacup maltipoo puppies for sale online on your website.

We believe in customer satisfaction that is the reason we just not sell but we provide a 10 year health guarantee. We assure you to deliver a healthy Akc maltipoo puppies not only a physically fit one but also mentally. This is because we provide them early neurological stimulation.

Maltipoo puppies that we have are easily adjusted to life as we provide them proper training of socialization so that you won’t have to put efforts on this part after picking the one. The best part of choosing us is we help you to select the best puppy for you by conducting the puppy temperament testing on every puppy.

The reason why we are so sure that we have the teacup maltipoo breeder puppies for sale is because we take care of their health from the beginning. Puppies are dewormed at the age of 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks of age and the first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks of age.

Maltipoo puppies for sale are microchipped for easy identification by vets, animal shelters, etc. Paddock Maltipoo Family also offers professional obedience training as an option for your puppy.

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Process of Maltipoo adoption with us:

● Explore the available toy maltipoo puppies for sale on our website. ● Check out the reviews and testimonials mentioned over the website to see what our clients say about us and fill the application form. ● Shortlist the one you wish to adopt and apply. ● Within 12 hours we will get back to your over a phone call and an email and guide you further. ● Or you can visit our store physically, give us a call or drop us an email for all your queries.

Before you make up your mind to buy maltipoo, we are here to educate you, so let’s discuss Maltipoo puppies in details:

As we have mentioned above, Maltipoos are a hybrid of Maltese and Poodle. They are quite affectionate and gentle and that’s why these are considered as amazing therapy dogs. This breed is created for a special purpose so better to call them designer dogs over mixed breeds.

If you are planning to get a dog for the very first time and Maltipoo is your choice then you have made the right choice. They are quick learners. They enjoy cuddles and are very sensitive towards people, which is why they are a good choice for elderly and children too.

Teacup maltipoo puppies for sale? Know their Behavior First!

Maltipoo is adaptive in nature so you can keep them in a house or flat too. They can live with families as they love to live around with people. They are also good for security purposes as they are barkers but you have to train them to discriminate between what’s good to bark at and what’s not.

Maltipoo Puppies Size

If we talk about its size, we would say it depends on the Poodle parent, whether the parent was a toy or miniature. Generally they are around 8 to 14 inches tall and their weight is around 5 to 20 pounds.

As far as their personality is concerned they are very intelligent and fun loving almost with everyone they meet.They are very active and feisty and love to have play sessions.

Baby maltipoo puppies for sale : Eating Habits

Let’s have a look at their eating habits. Well, it generally depends on their size, age, metabolism and activity level. This is the same concept that we see in human beings in general we recommend ⅝ to 1.5 cups of high-quality food which is divided into 2 meals and yes, the quality of food they you buy also make a difference.

It’s a good practice to divide his food in two meals to keep your maltipoo in shape. To check If your maltipoo is healthy or overweight you can give him the eye test and the hands-on test.

To do so you need to look down at him. Make sure you are able to see a waist and put your hands on his back and thumbs along the spine, with the fingers spread downward. If you are able to feel his ribs without any hard pressure then it is fine but If you can’t, you need to cut down his food and involve him in more exercises.

Red maltipoo puppies for sale near me

So, these are some detailed information about maltipoo so that you can make an informed decision. After getting all these details if you think maltipoo is a right choice for you then you are all set to go ahead. Checkout our available puppies and apply now.

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